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How to Ensure Safe Uploading and Downloading of Business Files


Whether you are using a content management system or a file transfer protocol, it’s essential to ensure that files uploaded by your users are safe. Open uploads to files that are not restricted can be a target for malicious actors and could virtual data room pricing expose your customers to data breaches. You will generally want to save uploaded files in designated storage locations like your server, database or cloud storage service, and then send the file to the user, or with a link. You may also want to store any additional data that you have entered on forms in the file for later review.

When it comes to protecting uploaded business files You will require a solution that validates content against a list of known harmful file types and scans for viruses. It is also crucial that the program you select is in compliance with any laws applicable to your industry and the country you are in. For instance, if you manage healthcare-related data, your solution should be HIPAA certified or if you interact with EU citizens, you must be GDPR-compliant.

In many companies, a large part of their operations is dealing with documents that are physical and need to be transformed into digital versions. This can be scanned photographs, old paper contracts or documents that are typed and need to be uploaded for storage or collaboration. It is also essential to be able for people at different locations or remote offices to share these documents in a way that they can collaborate with one another. This is usually accomplished by scanning the document and converting it into digital format and then sharing it online with anyone who requires access.

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