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Chatbots, AI, Technologies in eCommerce: Real Examples in Use


Chatbots In eCommerce: The Ultimate Guide to eCommerce Chatbots

ecommerce chatbot use cases

But no matter how they fit your business functions, they will always have one thing in common; competitive advantage. Law firms often deal with a high volume of client inquiries, ranging from basic legal questions to appointment scheduling. Responding to these inquiries manually can be time-consuming for legal professionals and may lead to delays in providing information to clients.

Google’s AI chatbot Bard – know its use cases – Wire19

Google’s AI chatbot Bard – know its use cases.

Posted: Wed, 08 Feb 2023 08:00:00 GMT [source]

Now, you’re probably wondering – how do I choose the best chatbot platform? We’re going to focus on building chatbots for Facebook Messenger but there are lots of other platforms you can build a chatbot for (like voice for example). We’ve covered some of the main benefits and use cases for chatbots, hope that we’ve inspired you just a bit to go create or optimize your company chatbot. Modiface was one of the first companies to launch an AR (augmented reality) chatbot.

Insurance chatbots build a rich database

When used correctly, chatbots can help you save time and money by handling simple support requests automatically. They can also improve the customer experience by providing faster resolution times, multilingual support, and 24/7 availability. Ecommerce chatbots are a no-brainer – since most purchasing activity happens online. That’s led many ecommerce businesses, like eBay, Nike and Sephora, to deploy chatbots on messaging platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Kik and WeChat. With so much purchasing activity increasingly online, in-store retailers understand that going digital will help them compete with ecommerce businesses.

ecommerce chatbot use cases

Elevate any website with SiteGPT’s versatile chatbot template, ideal for e-commerce, agencies, and more. Learn how to create a chatbot with SiteGPT’s AI chatbot creator within a day. Discover how to create a powerful GPT-3 chatbot for your website at nearly zero cost with SiteGPT’s cost-friendly chat bot creator. Learn about 35 different chatbot use cases and discover how to easily create your own chatbot with SiteGPT’s custom chatbot creator.

Chatbot Use Cases: Banking and Financial Sector

Then, feed these leads directly into your customer relationship management (CRM) system. This enables immediate follow-up actions, whether an email, a special offer, or a phone call from your sales team. Bank of America’s “Erica” is perhaps the most successful banking chatbot on the market today. Erica is able to show FICO scores, make transactions, show credit rewards, inform users of duplicate charges, and more. Chatbots can minimize the clicks it would take for a customer to navigate through the bank’s website to wire money around. They would be able to automatically ask the user what they want to do, how much they’d like to send, and the receiving account’s information to complete the task.


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