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5 Best Practices for Effective Board Meetings


Board meetings should be fun and productive, with the focus on the strategic direction and organization goals. By following these best practices, boards will be able to maximize the effectiveness of their meetings and increase participation, while also increasing the efficiency of their decision making and governance.

Make sure that the Attendance of all employees is guaranteed.

The opening of the board meeting by giving a recap of highlights from previous pre-meeting phone or in-person meetings, in addition to a review of the agenda at a high-level will help to create a positive atmosphere for the rest of the board meeting. This will also help ensure that there is a members who are quorum to conduct business.

Discuss in-depth the critical items

Effective board meetings should include the opportunity for deep discussion. However, lengthy agendas could drown participants in routine reports and “have to” items that detract from discussions of the strategic and top-level issues.

Encourage participation by creating an environment that is safe and respectful

A culture that encourages participation and respects different views is essential to engage in discussions. This can be accomplished by encouraging everyone on the board to speak openly, avoiding personal attacks, and promoting open dialog. This can be Effective Board Meetings accomplished through using board evaluations, facilitation techniques and encouraging constructive and informed discussions.

Clarify the process of decision-making to avoid disagreements, confusion and confusion. Determine if decisions are taken by consensus, majority vote, or any other method, and record the results accurately in your board minutes. Be transparent about follow-up procedures and your accountability.

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