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15 Best Shopping Bots for eCommerce Stores


Shopping Bots: Types and Benefits Explained

what are shopping bots

A shopping bot can go to various e-commerce sites and check prices on items for sale. By going from site to site, it can compare prices and give the user a list of products and prices, and the user can then choose the best deal. Shopping bots present lucrative opportunities for upselling and cross-selling. By analyzing customer preferences and purchase history, bots can recommend complementary products or suggest higher-value alternatives. This strategy not only boosts sales but also enhances the customer experience by providing relevant and beneficial options. Customers expect to get a reply instantly; however, it is not easy to do if your team works only a certain amount of hours per day.

what are shopping bots

AI-powered bots may have self-learning features, allowing them to get better at their job. The inclusion of natural language processing (NLP) in bots enables them to understand written text and spoken speech. Conversational AI shopping bots can have human-like interactions that come across as natural. However, the same shopping bots found various prices for a second book titled, Vanity Fair’s Hollywood, which also sells in stores for $60.

Some of the most popular shopping bots

This leads to quick and accurate resolution of customer queries, contributing to a superior customer experience. Shopping bots have an edge over traditional retailers when it comes to customer interaction and problem resolution. One of the major advantages of bots over traditional retailers lies in the personalization they offer. The retail industry, characterized by stiff competition, and a never-ending array of products, appears to be an ideal ground for bots to prove their mettle.

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Moreover, by 2023, the chatbot ecommerce transactions are expected to reach $112 billion. In addition to that, Ada helps to personalize the customers’ responses based on their shopping history. With the help of multi-channel integration, you can boost retention rates and minimize complaints. Well, countless customers come to an ecommerce store with a dream and leave with a dilemma.

Quick search

Shopping bots are price comparison sites on the World Wide Web that automatically search the inventory of several different online merchants to find the lowest prices for consumers. Typically, these sites rank products by price and allow shoppers to link directly to an online merchant’s site to actually make a purchase. Many shopping bots also include links to product reviews from evaluation sites like Gomez.com and Bizrate.com. H&M is one of the most easily recognizable brands online or in stores. Hence, H&M’s shopping bot caters exclusively to the needs of its shoppers.

Scalping bots search the internet for limited-availability products, which could be out of stock when users look for them. Besides causing financial loss to the business, scalping bots rob it of the chance to know who its real customers are. These bots prevent the business from cross-selling products and engaging with customers to promote other merchandise. They help bridge the gap between round-the-clock service and meaningful engagement with your customers. AI-driven innovation, helps companies leverage Augmented Reality chatbots (AR chatbots) to enhance customer experience.

This bot shop platform was created to help developers to build shopping bots effortlessly. For instance, shopping bots can be created with marginal coding knowledge and on a mobile phone. Importantly, it has endless customizable features to tailor your shopping bot to your customers’ needs. This instant messaging app allows online shopping stores to use its API and SKD tools.


These bots have a chat interface that helps them respond to customer needs in real-time. They function like sales reps that attend to customers in physical stores. Primarily, their benefit is to ensure that customers are satisfied. This satisfaction is gotten when quarries are responded to with apt accuracy. That way, customers can spend less time skimming through product descriptions.

The effects of comparison shopping behaviour on dynamic pricing strategy selection in an agent-enabled e-market

NexC can read product reviews and summarize their pros and cons in an easy-to-read way. Customers can use shopping bots to find out when something they want is back in stock. This lets customers know about any changes to their favorite brands’ products.

  • GoBot, like a seasoned salesperson, steps in, asking just the right questions to guide them to their perfect purchase.
  • Taking the whole picture into consideration, shopping bots play a critical role in determining the success of your ecommerce installment.
  • H&M is one of the most easily recognizable brands online or in stores.
  • Retail bots, with their advanced algorithms and user-centric designs, are here to change that narrative.
  • According to a Yieldify Research Report, up to 75% of consumers are keen on making purchases with brands that offer personalized digital experiences.

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How does a Shopping Bot Work?

If you’ve ever used eBay before, the first thing most people do is type in what they want in the search bar. When booking a hotel there are a lot of variables to consider such as date, location, budget, room type, star rating, breakfast options, air conditioning, pool, check-in and check-out times, etc. Shopping bots have many positive aspects, but they can also be a nuisance if used in the wrong way. They cover reviews, photos, all other questions, and give prospects the chance to see which dates are free. Thanks to messaging apps, humans are becoming used to text chat as their main form of communication.

The beauty of shopping bots lies in their ability to outperform manual searching, offering users a seamless and efficient shopping experience. The platform has been gaining traction and now supports over 12,000+ brands. Their solution performs many roles, including fostering frictionless opt-ins and sending alerts at the right moment for cart abandonments, back-in-stock, and price reductions. A shopping bot can provide self-service options without involving live agents.

Haptik’s Shopping Bot Case Studies

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what are shopping bots

How do scalpers use bots?

Scalper bots are positioned at the start of the queue and begin searching for products en masse as soon as the online sale goes live. This helps them to speed up the search process – thousand times faster than a human – and outpace good users in order to add maximum products to the carts.

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