The shrine is located at ilaro, it was named after a great warrior who defended the town and the people from the intertribal wars that was ravaging the Yoruba kingdom of old. During his lifetime, no enemy dare challenge Ilaro to war. There was much peace all around. Oronna pledge that even in death, he should be called up to defend the town of Ilaro with appropriate sacrifices at his shrine.

The point through which he disappeared into the earth, leaving the tail of the long chain tied to his waist is still there up till now.

History had it that anytime there was a threat of war, the legendary Oronna would be called upon and he would emerge from the earth and drive away such invaders.

He continually do this until when a false call was made to him, on detecting this, he became furious and invoked a thick smoke at the spot where he went underground again, leaving behind on the surface a measure of his waist chain at the shrine. The spot is now used for installation of new kings (OLU) after the traditional three months Ipebi. Oronna has since then became a deity of Ilaro people.

Oronna festival is celebrated by the people of Ilaro. Oronna was believed to be a brave and strong warrior who fought for the people of Ilaro during the inter-tribal war in the olden days. The people of Ilaro celebrated Oronna festival every November.