When we talk about Izangbeto, we cannot but speak about Hogbonu in Ajase, Benin republic. There lived a famous warrior called TeAgbanlin who settled at Hogbonu. The town was then a thick forest with different wild animals and other mysterious element in Hogbonu.

In other to make the forest habitable, TeAgbanlin, used Izangbeto to scare away the wild animals and other mysterious elements which were disturbing the peace of the town.

Through his effort, TeAgbani became more famous; hence, he and his family settled in Hogbonu. Futhermorw, TeAgbanlin had a brother called Djegbe in Owhe-daho-gbe in Antingbasa in Porto novo called the ‘big house’. There you find the first Izangbeto used by TeeAgbanlin. Henceforth, Izangbeto became a revered cult in Dahormey.

Izangbeto is celebrated amongst the egun people. During the Izangbeto festival, there are special cuisines prepared – Ewa Adalualasepo and Iyenfun Tuwo (Beans and Corn flour) called ‘TUTU’ that is called Sanpiti by the Eguns. This delicacy is eaten with Eko and ObeElede, Ewure and Ohunmimu (pap with pork or goat stew and drinks). Izangbeto usually comes out in the night. The most popular Izangbeto is called Kitikori.