The Ogun State Ministry Agriculture evolved from the defunct Western State Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources when the State was created in February, 1976.  Since then, the Ministry has passed through a lot of metamorphosis, particularly, in nomenclature.

From the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources in 1976, it was renamed Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources, with the Forestry and Fisheries excised from the Agriculture sector in 1980 during the Civilian Administration of Late Chief Olabisi Onabanjo.

Later on, the nomenclature changed to Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MA&RD) when Forestry and Fisheries Departments were returned to the main Ministry.

However, during the Civilian administration of Chief Olusegun Osoba, the nomenclature changed again to Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. This name remained till August 2004 when Otunba Gbenga Daniel led administration upgraded the Forestry Department of the Ministry into a full-fledged Ministry of Forestry, leaving the remaining seven departments to make up the Ministry of Agriculture until recently when three additional departments were created out of the existing seven departments to make it ten.

The main policy thrusts of the Ogun State Ministry of Agriculture as contained in the State Agricultural Policy Document, which was conceived and launched in April, 1989, include the following: to enhance self-sufficiency in food production, provide raw materials for agro-based industries, generate employment opportunities, as well as obtain desirable levels of exports in order to improve the country’s foreign exchange earnings.

Block D, 1st Floor, State Secretariat Complex, Oke-Mosan, Abeokuta


Mrs O.A. Ogunleye (08034659066)

The Ministry is charged with the following specific functions:

  1. To stimulate increase in the food production of both plant and animal origin.
  2. To ensure adequate production and supply of raw materials to agro-based industries.
  3. To generate employment opportunities in Agriculture through the development of small, medium and large-scale farms and farming enterprises.
  4. To bring about integrated rural development in conjunction with other relevant government agencies in order to improve the quality of life of the rural dwellers.
  5. To create an enabling environment for public/private sector investment in agriculture.
  6. To protect agricultural land resources in the State from such hazards like erosion, flooding, drought, etc.


Four (4) other parastatals working in synergy with and responsible to the Ministry are:

  1. The Ogun State Agro-Services Corporation (Agro-S-Corp)
  2. The Ogun State Agricultural Development Programme (OGADEP)
  3. Cassava Revolution Programme (CRP)
  4. Agricultural Development Corporation (ADC)


Department of Administration and Supplies


Mr. J.O. Ojo



The Department of Administration and Supplies is one of the ten (10) departments of the Ministry. The department is service-oriented and has the following responsibilities:

  • Assist the Permanent Secretary in formulation, review and execution of agricultural and administrative policies.
  • Coordinate and supervise the Department of Administration and Supplies of the Ministry.
  • Collation of Executive Memoranda presented by the departments for the Permanent Secretary’s consideration.
  • Management of other contractual obligation of the Ministry.
  • Treatment of various policy matters related to the Ministry.
  • Handling of human capital matters, such as appointments, promotions, advancement, human capacity building, discipline etc.
  • Ensure the strengthening of the security network of the Ministry.
  • Handling of all trade union matters.
  • General maintenance of facilities of the Ministry, that is, house-keeping.
  • Training and other Establishments matters.
  • Any other duties assigned by the HSCA and Permanent Secretary.

Department of Finance & Accounts


Mr. Thomas Babatunde Aregbesola

PHONE: 08061313093


The responsibilities of this service-oriented department include the following:

  • Advising the Accounting Officer and all departmental heads on all financial matters as well as technical provisions of financial regulations and other treasury and finance circulars.
  • Maintain proper records of accounts such as main and subsidiary ledgers, cash books, DVEA book, personal advance ledger etc.
  • Serving as a member of departmental and ministerial tenders boards.
  • Advising on the control and management of funds; investments, loan and guarantees.
  • Ensuring that monies are collected as at when due and properly keep records of accounts.
  • Liaising with the Accountant-General from time to time when in doubt of the interpretation of the provision of financial instructions and other treasury circulars or when confronted with difficulties in the performance of duties.
  • Preparation and monitoring of budget, making of necessary returns.
  • Ensuring the existence of an effective Audit Query unit to promptly deal with all queries from Internal Audit Units, Inspectorate Department, Office of the Auditor-General and Public Accounts Committee and other such bodies.
  • Accounts for all revenue due to the government and make appropriate returns.
  • Other duties that may be assigned from time to time by the Permanent Secretary or Accounting Officer.

Department of Planning Research & Statistics


Mr. Okanlawon Surajudeen Fashola

PHONE: 08035266149

Planning, Research and Statistics is a service-oriented department which assists in the planning, policy making and monitoring of Ministry’s projects. It was one of the departments inherited from the defunct western state of Nigeria.

The primary objective of the department is to assist operating departments of the Ministry in assessing, preparing and implementing projects as guided by the State Agricultural Policy so as to fully explore the development potentials of the state’s agriculture sector. The department is charged with specific functions under two major divisions, which are:

1. Planning, Research and Library Services Division:

  • Development of long/medium and short term agricultural development plans and annual budgets for the efficient performance of the Ministry vis-à-vis tracking of budget performance.
  • Carrying out effective monitoring and evaluation/appraisal of projects as at when due.
  • Preparation of quarterly and yearly reports of the Ministry’s programme and projects.
  • Enumeration and valuation of economic crops found on land acquired for citing of projects either by individuals, corporate bodies or government.
  • Assisting in the acquisition and allocation of unutilized agricultural land to prospective investors in agriculture in the interest of the public.
  • Production and coordination of data requirements in respect of the Ministry’s technical aids/external assistance.
  • Impact assessment of projects/programme of the Ministry using the relevant indicators.
  • Research into areas of interest of the Ministry with the aim of building a viable data bank for reference purpose.
  • Provision of library services.

2. Statistics, Information and Communications Technology Division

  • Collection, collation, analysis, interpretation of information for policy making.
  • Create and maintain a database of suppliers and contractors for the Ministry’s requirements.
  • Secretariat of the Ministry’s tenders board and collation of requests from the Ministry’s departments for the consideration of either the ministerial or departmental tenders board.
  • Establishment and maintenance of the Agency’s electronic database.
  • Computerize the activities of the Ministry for efficient management information system.
  • Sale of statistical publications.

There are two units in the Department.  These units are:

  1. Land Management Unit: which came into effect in September, 2017 with a mandate to ease the process of land allocation, crop enumeration and compensation. In other words, to harness and harmonize all Agricultural Acquisition Sites across the State for effective allocation, productive cultivation and adequate monitoring in order to ensure increased and sustainable agricultural production thereby ensuring food security. The head of the Unit is Mr. Folarin, A.O

Agric-business Unit: This unit was established to provide farm advisory services, farm information and necessary linkages to attract investors into agriculture.

Department of Veterinary Services


Dr. Dotun Sorunke

PHONE: 08033371451


The Veterinary Department is solely responsible for maintaining livestock, poultry and pet population throughout the state in good health. The statutory functions of the department are as listed below:

  • Treatment of animal and poultry diseases.
  • Prevention and control of animal and poultry diseases through vaccination.
  • Giving of technical advice to livestock owners in respect of livestock/poultry management.
  • Control of movements of trade cattle and other livestock coming in and out of the state to ensure that they are free from diseases.
  • Ensure that meat products produced are safe, wholesome and fit for human consumption.
  • Provision of improved services in hides and skins development.
  • Processing of leather to make shoes and other leather products such as dog collars, month gags and chains.
  • Collection of rates and statutory taxes for Government.

Department of Livestock Services


Mr. E.O. Adeosun

PHONE: 08033913996


The responsibilities of this department include the following:

  • Attain self-sufficiency in the production of food of animal origin, to bridge the existing protein gap in the state.
  • Help to improve the nutritional status of the citizenry in order to minimize protein-deficiency diseases.
  • Stimulate the provision of employment opportunities for the people.
  • Help to harness the State’s potentialities at generating needed by-products from the livestock industry, e.g. blood meal, fish meal, meat meal for production, hides and skins for leather work.
  • Enhance the income of the livestock farmers and thus improve their standard of living.
  • Train livestock farmers or their representatives in modern livestock husbandry techniques etc.

Department of Agricultural Services


Mrs. J.O.T. Sodiya-Shoetan

PHONE: 08023716279


The Department of Agricultural Services is mainly a service-oriented department and is the extension arm of the main stream of Ministry of Agriculture. The department operates with three (3) divisions namely:

  1. Arable Crop Division
  2. Fruit/Food Crops & Horticulture Division
  3. Rural Institution and Infrastructure Division

The mandate crops of Department of Agricultural Services include: Rice, Maize, Cassava, Cowpea, Plantain, Pineapples, Oil Palm among other crops.

(1)         Arable Crops Division:

This division undertakes the multiplication of high yielding, disease resistant and improved varieties of seeds and cuttings of crops.

(2)        Fruit/Food Crops & Horticulture Division:

This division undertakes the multiplication of some fruit/food crops in the nursery. As the division in-charge of food crops, it is responsible for the establishment of food crop plantation such as Oil Palm, and also production of vegetables seeds/seedlings and numerous ornamentals for landscaping purposes. The Horticulture unit of this division is responsible for landscaping activities.

The Division also carries out soil testing services for farmers. This pre-cropping activity ensures that crops best suited to specific soil are planted there for optimum performance.

(3)       Rural Institution and Infrastructure Division:

This division handles the management of all Farm Settlements, Farm Estates, Extension Works Stations in the State as well as the administration of Odeda Farm Institute which is the training arm of the Ministry of Agriculture.

Department of Fisheries Services


Mr. Adekunle Ajayi

PHONE: 08033637633


  • To formulate and implement policies for government that will encourage continuous fish production in order to provide fish protein for the populace, create employment, create wealth and also generate revenue for the government.
  • To advise the state government on matters relating to fisheries department.
  • To harness, promote and support the development and utilization of the fisheries resources through public-private partnership in order to produce fish for local consumption and export.
  • To assist fish farmers and fishers in the procurement and distribution of fisheries inputs that can help to improve their productivity.
  • To enforce and manage the fishing and fisheries laws and regulations.
  • To encourage/promote the formation of fish farm “Clusters” and Estate for cooperation, technology transfer, training/demonstrations and easier provision of inputs and technical assistance to groups of private fish farmers.
  • To educate fishers and fish farmers on relevant laws geared towards the conservation of the natural fisheries resources in waters through training/workshops.

Department of Produce Services


Mr. S. Adenopo

PHONE: 08033035110


Department of Produce Services was created by statute to achieve the following objectives:

  • To ascertain quality of scheduled agricultural produce. Scheduled agricultural produce are produce classified by produce laws to have been graded before export and/or local processing. These include cocoa, palm kernels, coffee, cashew nuts, rubber and long staple seed cotton. The essence of this function is to ensure that the above stated agricultural produce conform with international quality standards.
  • To organize quality control and anti-smuggling campaign which will further safeguard and enhance the quality of the state agricultural produce.
  • To control various losses arising from pest damage and other bio-deterioration to crops both on farm and in storage.
  • To reduce health hazards from effect of pest infestation at houses, offices etc.
  • Advisory Services to farmers, housewives and schools on simple modern storage techniques, pest control and preventive measures.
  • Organizing quality control and anti-smuggling campaigns.

Department of Tree Crop & Rural Development Services


Mr. James Oyesola

PHONE: 08034550926


The Department of Tree Crops and Rural Development Services was created in November 2008 but became effective on the 1st December, 2008. The department was mandated to establish plantations and produce seedlings of all tree crops like Cocoa, Cashew, Kola, Citrus, Rubber, Cotton, Jatropha, and Kenaf. The department is also mandated to provide technical services to farmers on all the tree crops and ensure development of rural areas. The specific objectives of this department include the following:

  • To position Ogun State as number one producer of tree crops in Nigeria, especially Cocoa export.
  • Production of standard and high quality tree crops seedlings of Cocoa, Rubber Cashew, Kola Citrus and Cotton.
  • To bring development to the door step of rural dwellers and farmers.
  • To provide jobs for our unemployed youth and encourage them to return to farm through provision of technical services.
  • To position tree crops for carbon sequestration in this era of climate change.
  • To provide livelihood to a significant percentage of the farmers in Ogun State who are involved in tree crops farming.

Department of Farm Mechanization and Engineering Services


Engr. F.O. Oyenekan

PHONE: 07032186215


The specific objectives of this department include the following:

  • To draw work plans for tractors and other agricultural land clearing equipment working on projects for the consideration and approval of the appropriate authority.
  • To liaise with other relevant agencies/external bodies when such is required and approved for the effective and efficient service delivery.
  • To monitor and advise management of the Ministry on the operation and maintenance of mechanical/agricultural equipment already on site or required such as land clearing and preparation equipment, planting and harvesting as well as agricultural products processing equipment.
  • To formulate policies on agricultural equipment’s specification, design, planning and training.
  • To recommend, where and when necessary, workshop services and development.
  • To formulate and advise management on the required/necessary farm building, structure, farm, power and mechanization.
  • To provide the necessary frame work for the resuscitation of the Department of Agricultural Mechanization Services and Training of the required officers in the Ministry.
  • To submit weekly and monthly progress reports on projects to the Permanent Secretary.
  • To perform any other related duties that may be assigned by the Permanent Secretary and the Honourable State Commissioner for Agriculture.



  • Cocoa Development Programme
  • Cotton Development Programme
  • All Year Round Fish Production Programme
  • Oil palm Production Programme
  • Pullet and Turkey Production Programme
  • Cassava Multiplication Project


  • Cultivation of 550Ha of Rice farm for the production of branded Rice at Eggua.
  • Cultivation of 2,000Ha of Cassava Farm at Owowo.
  • Establishment of 3 Fish farm estates using Eriwe Model.
  • Construction of 70 Fish cages to produce Tilapia.
  • Set up of poultry demonstration farm at Odeda Training Institute.
  • Construction of semi-mechanized abattoir at Ogere-Remo.
  • Youth and women empowerment project.
  • Raising of Cocoa seedlings for Cocoa farmers in the State.


  • Conduct of Annual Agricultural Survey/Establishment of a Standard Agricultural Data Bank
  • Promotion of Rice seed and Cassava cuttings multiplication.
  • Raising 60,000 Point-of cage pullets and 1,000 turkeys for sale to farmers.
  • Reintroduction of Practical Agriculture in Secondary Schools
  • Purchase of 3nos Bulldozers and a Low Loader
  • Procurement of 50 Tractors and its implements
  • Facilitation of the replication of Eriwe Fish Farm model in Ilaro Government Fish Farm
  • Establishment of 1000 Rice Enclave Plantation.
  • Fattening of 250 Ram within two months.
  • Production of 360,000 broiler birds annually.
  • Raising and distribution of 40,000 Noiler birds for women empowerment.


    1. OGUN STATE AGRICULTURAL DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMME (OGADEP): Ogun State Agricultural Development Programme (OGADEP) was launched in February 1986 as one of the first multi‑State (i.e statewide) Agricultural Development Projects (MSADP‑I).

    Name of Programme Manager: Mrs T. Ayansanwo

    • HEAD OFFICE: Olabisi Onabanjo Way Idi- Aba, Abeokuta.


    1. facilitates increase food production, productivity and incomes of small-scale farmers estimated to constitute over 260,000 farm-families in Ogun State;
    1. establish a better link between research, extension and farmers and initiate the development of appropriately tailored technologies for farmers;
    1. collaborate and co-operate with the Agro-Services Corporation to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the existing agro-inputs distribution system and provide agro-processing assistance to farmers;
    2. sensitize and mobilize farmers' dry season production activities through the Fadama development initiative (using small-scale irrigation); and
    3. co-operate with other State Agencies for overall development of the agricultural/rural sector of the State.



    Name of General Manager: NIL

    • HEAD OFFICE: Asero, Opposite Asero Housing Estate, Off Abeokuta/Ibadan Way .
    1. Ogun State Agro-Services Corporation (Agro-S Corp) was established by law in April 1980, to develop an integrated and coordinated system for agricultural inputs delivery and farm mechanization services to farmers of Ogun State.
    2. To lead and coordinate efforts aimed at institutionalizing a sustainably effective and efficient agro-inputs (fertilizer, agro-chemicals, seeds and seedlings, small farm tools) and farm mechanization delivery system in Ogun State.


    • The Ogun State Agricultural Development Corporation was established by Edict No.10 of 1977. It presently has six (6) Agricultural Projects; Apoje Farms Company Limited, Ijebu-Igbo; Lomiro Oil Palm Plantation, Lomiro; Remo Rubber Plantation, Ikenne; Ibara-Orile Cashew Plantation, Ibara-Orile; Balekan Poultry Project; Oke-Eri Poultry Project Ijebu Ode.

    Name of General Manager: Mr Soremekun

    • HEAD OFFICE: ADC Building, Behind State Universal Basic Education Board (SUBEB).


    1. The main objective and function of the Corporation is centered on commercial development of plantation agriculture (Oil-Palm, Rubber& Cashew) as well as commercial rearing of poultry birds.



    Cassava Revolution Programme is an agency of Government created in the year 2005 with the goal of making Ogun the leader in Cassava revolution. Currently, CRP engages in cassava cutting multiplication and cassava value chain promotion. 

     Name of Programme Director: Mrs K.O. Jokotoye.

    • HEAD OFFICE: Asero, Opposite Asero Housing Estate, Off Abeokuta/Ibadan Way .


    1. to promote the development of the cassava sub- sector.

    ii     It is also aimed at harnessing the enormous potentials in the cassava sub-sector- for youth and women empowerment, enhancing food security, promotion of industrialization and poverty alleviation, among other goals.

    1. THIRD NATIONAL FADAMA DEVELOPMENT PROJECT: FADAMA III AF is a World Bank assisted project to reduce poverty among Nigerians through boosting of agricultural production. One of the objectives is to increase the incomes of users of rural lands, and water resources in a sustainable manner. FADAMA III AF engages in capacity building, farm advisory services on cassava and rice, and livelihood enhancement.

     Name of State Programme Coordinator: Engr. Mathew Adebayo

    • HEAD OFFICE: Olabisi Onabanjo Way Idi- Aba, Abeokuta.


    i      To increase the incomes of users of rural land and water resources on a sustainable basis.

    ii   To reduce rural poverty, increase food security and contribute to the achievement of a key Millennium Development Goals (MDGs).

    1. IFAD VALUE CHAIN DEVELOPMENT PROGROMME (VCDP): VCDP is an FG/IFAD initiative on improving cassava and rice value chains. At present, the programme runs in five Local Government Areas - Obafemi-Owode, Yewa North, Ifo, Ijebu North-East and Ijebu East - of Ogun State

    Name of State Programme Coordinator: Mr S. A B Adeogun

    • HEAD OFFICE: Olabisi Onabanjo Way Idi- Aba, Abeokuta.