Let me start by referring to the “Swan song” by the Head of Service, our dear Engr. ‘Lanre Bisiriyu when making his welcome address, said he will soon take a bow. But definitely, I know he still has a whole week to spend with lots of activities. Let me assure him that it may be a Swan song but it is a Swan song that has a Part Two. On that note, I want to specially congratulate the entire work force of the Ogun State Public Service for yet another celebration of the annual Public Service Day. In doing this, I specially recognize the invaluable contributions of the Public Service towards the growth and development of countries. For us in Ogun State, our Public Servants certainly deserve this special recognition.

2. Again, as we are meeting all different cadres and top echelon of the Public Service today, I wish to acknowledge the entire Public Servants of Ogun State for their support and cooperation since the inception of our Administration on 29th May, 2019. I must state that all we have achieved in the last few months is, no doubt, largely due to the dedication, commitment and diligence that our Public Servants have exhibited. I am not surprised. Just as the Head of Service has rightly stated, Ogun State Public Service has a proud legacy of professionalism. No doubt, Ogun State Public Servants are proud inheritors of the legacies of the Simeon Adebo’s, A.A.K. Degun’s and the Adeyemi’s. May the labours of our heroes past never be in vain. Thank you all for keeping the flag flying.

3. Let me also use this auspicious occasion to appreciate the continuous harmonious working relationship that exists between our Administration and the entire workforce of our dear State. While appreciating your understanding, our Administration will not take for granted the industrial harmony that currently pervades our dear State.

4. For us as an Administration, we see the Public Servants as stakeholders in the “Building our Future Together” Agenda. Ogun State Public Service is viewed as the bedrock of any meaningful development in our State. It is, therefore, natural that any government that desires to have unassailable achievements must not down-play the all-embracing roles of our Public Servants. You are the real catalysts for the positive and rapid transformation of the society. We are determined to implement people-oriented and people-friendly policies and programmes that will translate to the wellness, wellbeing and welfare of our dear people. This we will continue to do according to our promise. As political office holders, we are aware that we cannot go far without the active support and participation of our very ebullient workforce in the mainstream of the Civil Service and the entire Public Service. I wish to unequivocally reiterate our desire to build and develop the Public Service better than we met it. Equally, and in tandem with our mantra, Building our Future Together” Agenda, we recognize the importance of the adage of our fathers in Yoruba land that a bird cannot fly with one wing. By this conventional wisdom, we see the Private Sector as an integral part of the Building our Future Together” Agenda. It is for this reason that I consider the theme for this Year 2019 Public Service Day Celebration, “Collective will, Collective Development” very apt. By this Public-Private sector arrangement, we desire to improve the economy of our dear State. I enjoin you all to see to it that relationship is mutually beneficial: a win-win match, if you like. It is against this backdrop that the topic of today’s lecture’Expectation of Private Sector from the Public Service on Public/Private Partnership’’ I guess, was carefully crafted. It is no fluke that we have in our midst today a captain of industries, a doyen of boardroom strategy in the person of Engr. Joseph Oyeyani Makoju, mni, OFR who has done justice to the topic. I have no doubt that the lecture has been interesting and educative.

5. As the Head of Service takes a bow next week, we understand that there should not be vacuum in leadership. So, very soon we will appoint a new Head of Service that will continue on the right path of leadership for the State Public Service. We believe that this is imperative to the continued development of our dear State.

6. Let me mention that we are aware of speculations surrounding the recommendations of the Committee on the Review of Appointments/Employment in the Public Service in the last five months of the previous Administration. Let me reaffirm that the aim is not to witch-hunt anyone but to further strengthen the Ogun State Public Service towards ensuring good governance and efficient service delivery for the good people of our dear State. The Committee has submitted its report. We are studying it and in the next few weeks, you will see its manifestations in concrete terms.

7. Dear colleagues in the building of Ogun State, as I pledge the commitment of our Administration to continue to see to your welfare, I urge you to continue to be true partners in progress and avoid unwholesome tendencies. We will therefore continue to crave for a renewed and repositioned Public Service that will be more effective and efficient in service delivery in line with the world best practices. Our programme and programme implementation method showcases all-inclusiveness deliberately in our bid to build our future together. At this point, I must call on you, our dear workers and other stakeholders, to continue to partner with our Government to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of the State Public Service. As a major player in the economy of our dear State, we all know that industrial harmony is so critical to our continued prosperity. It is therefore, important that all of us as stakeholders should continue to work together and play our part in the “Building Our future Together” Agenda to move the State forward. As an Administration, as far as the Public service is concerned, we have started well, intend to finish strong, finish well and finish high. Together, we shall all reap the fruits of our patience, sacrifices, pains and hard labour to the greater good of the Ogun State of our dream.

8. Once again, I congratulate the entire workers of Ogun State on the occasion of this Year 2019 Public-Service Day. In the same light, I commend all those who, in one way or another, have contributed to the success of this event. My conviction is that, as we go back to our different schedules, we would have been better equipped with useful insights that will further lead to improved service delivery and continued socio-economic development of our dear State.

9. I commend the Organising Committee of the 2019 Public Service Day Celebration for a job well done and wish the entire Public Service a most fruitful and rewarding year ahead.

10. As I wish you all a heart-warming celebration, I thank you all for listening and God bless.

Prince Dapo Abiodun, MFR

Governor of Ogun State, Nigeria Thursday, 28th November, 2019.