• N50,000 Payable at Submission Point
  • Forms can be Downloaded Online
  • Current Tax Clearance Certificate for 3 Consecutive Years
  • Ogun State Development Levy for 3 Consecutive Years.
  • Current Bank Statement
  • A detailed Feasibility Report on the Proposed Project
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Company's Article of Association
  • Personnel Profile of the Directors of the Company
  • *NPV, IRR, PayBack Period, Cost/Benefit Ratio
  • Applicant will be Interviewed by the Ogun State Land Allocation Committee after Which allocation of land will be effected
  • Premium Fee (Depends on the Size of Land Allocated)
  • Annual Ground Rent (N5,000 Per Hectare)
  • Crop Enumeration Service Charge ( Less than 50 Hectares is N1,000 Per Hectare, 50 Hectares and Below 500 Hectares is N2,000 Per Hectare, 500 Hectares and Above is N2,500 Per Hectare
  • Cost of Materials for Crop Enumeration Exercise (Depends on the Hectare Allocated)
  • Crop Compensation (Depends on the Hectarage and Economic Crops/Tree on the Land)
  • Cost of Survey (Obtainable from Bureau of Lands & Survey)
  • Final Allocation of Land to Investor.