It was established in year 2003 and vested with the provision and preserving road infrastructure which includes marking of roads , installation of traffic signage and street furniture, signalization, traffic studies, road traffic engineering designs and alignment. It is also responsible for the formulation of transportation policy in the State.

Parastatals Building II, Oke-Mosan, Abeokuta


( Vacant )

Oshilaja O. V. (Mrs) (Director, Admin and Supplies)

Barrister Gbenga Opesanwo (head)

Barrister Gbenga Opesanwo hails from Itunshokun, Ilisan in Ikenne Local Government Area of Ogun State.  He qualified as a Legal Practitioner but his bypass has been in Admiralty law or what is called shipping law.  Having run a transport business for over fifteen (15) years and having acquaintance with those in various air, rail and water mode of transportation, he is a fit man to be at the helm of affairs of the Bureau.


Department of Administration and Supplies


Mrs. O. V. Oshilaja


This Department coordinates the activities of all the other departments in the Bureau.  It takes care of the personnel and staff matters of the agency in the following areas:

  • Formulation, Execution and review of polices and programmes on Administrative and Human Resources Management.
  • Coordination of Manpower Planning, Recruitment, Induction, Confirmation, Training, Assessments and Performance Appraisal, Leave, Promotions, Discipline.
  • Inventory Control of all organization’s resources including but not limited to offices, fixtures and fittings, vehicles e.t.c.
  • Collect and collate data for the preparation of Manpower budget.
  • Preparation of monthly bulk expenses of the monitoring Departments and Agencies for disbursement by the Director, Finance and Accounts.
  • Implementation of all policies and programmes relating to Administrative functions in line with public service rules and other Extant Regulations.
  • Pension and General welfare matters.
  • Procure and store all necessary resources (material machines e.t.c.) in a transparent manner and ensure their cost effective usage.

Department of Engineering and Safety


Engr. I. Hassan


  • Design and installation/construction of transportation infrastructures
  • Design and installation of street furniture and gantry signs.
  • Pavement markings of major roads to enhance lane discipline and road users safety.
  • Traffic systems management in order to reduce delays and increase speed and reducing journey time.
  • Conceptual construction and administration of driving school
  • Design and installation of traffic control lights at major junctions and intersections.

Finance and Account Department


Mr. Basiru Sulaimon A.


The Department is saddled with the responsibility of handling all Finances and Accounts matters of the agency in the following areas:

  • Preparation of Budget
  • Preparation of Personnel Emolument
  • Preparation of Financial Accounts/Appropriation Accounts
  • Bank related transactions
  • Compliance with financial instructions and accounting codes
  • Advising the Accounting Officer and other Department Heads on financial matters and technical provisions of financial regulation
  • Maintenance of proper books of accounts such as main and subsidiary ledgers, Cash Books, DVEA, Personal Advances Ledger etc.
  • Ensuring prompt rendition of all Returns e.g. consolidated Accounts (monthly Transcripts), Bank reconciliation stations, Revenue and Expenditure Returns as prescribed in financial instruction.
  • Preparation of Staff Salaries and Allowances
  • Reconciliation of Accounts.
  • Preparation of various financial reports
  • Preparation of Budget and Appropriation of Accounts
  • Liaising with professional bodies e.g. Federal Inland Revenue Services (FIRS), Board of Inland Revenue e.t.c. on behalf of the agency.
  • Liaising with regulatory bodies like State External Audit, financial investigation and Control Unit (FICU)


Department of Mass Transportation


Engr. Alfred Oluwale Shokunbi


  • Monitoring of various Mass Transit Schemes executed by the State Government and private investors under the Public Private Partnership (PPP) arrangement.
  • Delivery of a proper maintenance culture amongst the allotter’s of the Bus Mass Transit (BMT) scheme.
  • Synergy with other agencies in the development of Mass Transportation allied networks in the State such as

Rail Transportation
Water Transportation
Air transportation
Design, implement and monitor the implementation of Motorcycle Riders Permit in the State

Department of Planning, Research and Statistics


Engr. Akinleye Tosin


  • Undertaking transportation studies and surveys
  • Collating and analyzing various data obtained from field surveys
  • Devising methods for the collection, analysis and interpreting of statistical data
  • Coordination of travel data such as origin and destination survey, accident
  • Determination of appropriate routes for Bus Mass Transit Schemes
  • Undertaking policy analysis and formulation and project evaluation
  • Providing technical input in the preparation of transportation development.
  • Initiating projects and programs related to the development of efficient transportation system in the state
  • Providing technical back-up in the implementation of all engineering projects of the Bureau.