Statutorily, the Office of the Head of Service is to provide leadership and direction to the entire Public Service in general through Bureaux and Departments under it. The Office involves in appointment, discipline, promotion of staff, general career management and payment of pension and gratuity of retired Public Servants. It equally interfaces between Public Service and Government on Staff welfare, Service, Labour and Industrial Relations matters and Conflict management. Today, the Agencies directly under the jurisdiction of the Office of the Head of Service are:

Bureau of Service Matters;

Bureau of Establishments & Training

Bureau of States Pensions

State Secretariat, Oke-Mosan, Abeokuta Ogun State

P.M.B 2058, Oke-Mosan, Abeokuta, Ogun State

(039)241033; 08180860791


Mrs. Modupe Moradeun Bosede (08033445903)


Department of Service Matters


Mr. Akinwunmi Abiodun

PHONE: 080xxxxxxxxx



  • Interfacing with other Agencies at the Federal and State levels such as the Civil Service Commission, National Council on Establishments, the DAWN Commission, Summit of Heads of Service, National Manpower Board e.t.c.;
  • Posting of Administrative Officers and serving as Secretariat of the Administrative Staff Advisory Committee (ASAC);
  • Coordination of Staff Training for all Administrative Officers and Management Level Officers on Grade Level 14 and above;
  • Appraisal of Miscellaneous Appeals and Petitions;
  • Management of the career of Officers in both Administrative Officer’s Cadre and Professional Officers’ Cadres on Grade 14 and above in the Civil Service, that’s Management Level;
  • Central processing of deployment of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) Members assigned to Government Offices Statewide;
  • Matters relating to the internal administration of the Bureau;
  • Processing the Acceptance of Notice of Retirement of Staff that have fully served the Ogun State Government. It could be voluntary or statutory Retirement, Resignation nd Withdrawal of Service;
  • Processing of permission and letter of introduction to Embassies;
  • The Department is also responsible for the Administration and Supplies functions of the Bureau, which include:
    • Internal Posting of Bureaus Staff;
    • Secretariat of Junior and Senior Staff Committee on recruitment, discipline and staff welfare;
    • Secretariat of Administrative Staff Advisory Committee (ASAC) and Management Staff Committee MSC;
    • Processing of Leave (Annual, Maternity, and Casual Leaves);
    • Maintenance of the Bureau’s vehicles and other fixed assets.

Department of Welfare Matters


Mr. Kazeem Olatunji Akinbo

PHONE: 08035495961



Department of Welfare Matters: It is an integral part of the Bureau of Service Matter, coordinated by the Office of the Head of Service. The Welfare Department is the heart beat of the Civil/Public Service as it aims to provide favourable working conditions for Government Officers and to ensure that privileges entitled to Civil/Public Servants are denied.

Duties of the Department include:

  • Allocation of Government Quarters to deserving Public Servants;
  • Coordinating the workers buses to ease movement of the workers to and from work;
  • Compiling and sorting of application for government quarters State-wide;
  • Allocation of government vehicles and number plates;
  • Allocation of Office spaces;
  • Handling and treating complaints received from government officers;
  • Issuing Letter of Clearance of Retiring Public Officers;
  • Formulating Policies towards assisting Civil/Public Servants to acquire life- imp[roving assets such as:
    • Household appliances and items acquisition schem initiated by Nurakhad Company;
    • Brian Computer Acquisition Scheme;
    • The Global Personal Loan against Salary Scheme initiated by First Bank Plc.